Freeze’s Reply To Actor Uche Maduagwu is Epic!!!

Freeze’s Reply To Actor Uche Maduagwu is Epic!!!


Alleged Nollywood actor Uche “Onise” Maduagwu posted on a picture of himself and freeze of Cool FM on Instagram yesterday claiming Freeze is always attacking men of God especially the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God, Pastor E. A Adeboye.

The OAP for sure came for him immediately and they both exchanged words on the media.

Below is Uche’s post:

A letter to the self acclaimed “KING of Sheep’s”; Please stop pulling down great men of God in Nigeria… You are not God or His spokesman. If I may ask sir, have you ever been sexually molested by a clergyman? If no, then why are you always writing TRASH about different men of God? You had said all manner of evil things against my Pastor, the General overseer of The Redeemed Christian church of God,(RCCG), a great man of God, who had dedicated all his life to serving God and humanity, you had also fabricated lies against the general overseer of Winners Chapel, and now you are tarnishing the image of another great man of God just because a girl accused him wrongly of having an affair with her, knowing fully well that people can Photoshop anything just to blackmail others. Please what do you stand to gain by pulling down these powerful men of God? Are you a saint? Who made you a spokesman for Christians in Nigeria? Are you the president of C.A.N? Even the bible clearly states that “judge not”… So why do you take pleasure in condemning these men of God? Or have you forgotten that even the Vice President of Nigeria is also a PASTOR? Please, this has to stop, focus on your O.A.P job and let the sheep’s free themselves, that’s even if they are in bondages in the first place. Stop criticizing the administration of President Buhari, stop criticizing the great men of God in Nigeria, please sir stop it. This is a call to all Christians in Nigeria, rise up against this man who is persecuting the church verbally.? #repost #trending #church #instagram #regrann #buhari #lagos #nigeria #instalike #follow #nollywood #BBnaija #truth #facebook #share #lifestyle #fashion #naija #instapics #exclusive #instablogger #post #page #instatags #mobile #blog #instabest #likeitup #internet #love

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Freeze’s reply to Uche:

After desperately trying to get my attention through flattery, wannabe actor with only one shirt, decides to employ aggression. – However, instead of trading insults, I have decided, as a man of God, to pay back with a kind gesture. – Dear @uchemaduagwu, kindly oblige me by sending me your account details, so I can send you N10,000 to buy a dozen of this type of shirt you are wearing in different colors. Whatever change is left, should go towards your bus fare to Aswani, where you can get good quality shirts similar to the one you are wearing in your ‘famous’ photograph. – When we are done upgrading your wardrobe, let’s discuss how I can help you achieve your dreams of finally becoming an actor. We have a horror movie script we intend producing. It’s about a city girl plagued by a village demon. You seem well suited for the latter role, and when, if at all you oblige us, would save us some money as you won’t be needing too much make up, since in my humble opinion, you already bear quite a striking resemblance to how we intend to illustrate the spiritual character. Do have yourself a blessed day as you consider my offers. Warm Regards, FRZ

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Uche’s comeback:

A letter to the self acclaimed “King of the sheep’s”( part two); I would had replied you honorably sir…but then, what honor is there for a man that cheats and tells lies? A man who openly criticizes the administration of President Buhari? You want to buy me clothes right? Thank you, that’s a very kind gesture, but Please, kindly save that money and use it to go back to the school of disciples, its obvious you really need Jesus in your life. And if you insist on being so generous, please, try to emulate great people like our very own legend himself, the “African queen” crooner… He just donated a huge sum of money running into millions of Naira to the less privileged, that’s a true legend and a complete human being, he doesn’t display his expensive wrist watches carelessly on IG… Let us not get ourselves distracted from the real issues here, I beg you please stop attacking men of God in Nigeria, stop it, we the Christians in Nigeria are no longer finding it funny abeg, anyways… We hand you over to God, since you had decided to continue in this your calculated attacks on great men of God in Nigeria, and also against the administration of our dear President Buhari, may the Lord judge you accordingly. I will keep praying for you sir, maybe, just maybe you will stop attacking the General overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, and also all the other great and powerful men of God in Nigeria who had done nothing to deserve all the disgrace and contempt from you. ?????? #repost #nollywood #naija #instagram #facebook #facebookpage #church #regrann #bbnaija #salvation #instarepost #instalikes #follow #followus #nigeria #likeitup #lagosnigeria #instabest #instagood #fashion #mobile #love #lifestyle #nollywoodglamour #share #post #page #google #abuja #entertainment

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For someone who can not even keep his marriage intact ?….what kind of advice can such a person give to the general public? I pity those who you are mentoring as sheep…. A shepherd that can not even keep his home is the biggest deciever of the century. I thought you were an elder, but an elder who disrespects other men of God is nothing but a fake elder…. Please, stop insulting my pastor, the General overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) he is not your age mate, neither has he done anything wrong to deserve all your disrespect and hatred…. And not only my pastor, but that of the Winners chapel, and others too, don’t let God punish you in His anger,? repent to avoid the wrath of God… face your O.A.P job, and if its not paying, you are free to go and open your own church in your village?, its a free world sir, and lastly, please stop inciting Nigerians against our President, that’s not a good thing for an elder, for the fact that you hate President buhari’s administration doesn’t mean others will, stop all this abeg, let it stop biko!? #repost #regrann #instagram #facebook #facebookpage #reposting #repostapp #instapics #instapicture #instalikes #instatags #nollywood #lifestyle #fashion #naija #entertainment #afrobeat #love #marriage #lagosnigeria #calabar #bloggers #blog #yorubamovies #ibadan #BBnaija #share #post #page #buhari

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