Reasons for extension in President Buhari’s vacation

Reasons for extension in President Buhari’s vacation


Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to the President Mr. Femi Adesina said the period of extension of President Muhammadu Buhari’s vacation in London was not specified because “there is no vacuum in government’’.

Adesina,stated this in an interview with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) on Sunday night. He said the country’s vice president has being and has the president therefore there is no vacuum in government.

According to Mr Adesina, the extention of the vacation would give the President time to undergo other check-ups relax very well before he comes back to take back his position as president.

 He said “When he was leaving on Jan. 19 we announced that it was a vacation during which he would also do routine medical check-ups. Now, those check-ups have thrown up things that need to be further looked at and that is why he is asking for this extension of the vacation.

“The time is not stated and that reason is not far to seek because Mr President transmitted power to his vice, who is now the acting President.

“So, he does not need to be under that pressure of time again because there is no vacuum in government, there is an acting president.

“Therefore, the doctors can now exhaustively look at him and give him a clean bill of health before he returns home,’’ he said.

He also urged those spreading rumours on the President’s health to desist from such act and always have the president in their prayers and have a goodwill toward the president and one another.

“”My message will be what I also said before, goodwill, let us have goodwill towards our president.

“”We as human beings must have goodwill towards one another. Any man can be sick; any man can get well; any man can even die, we are mortals. Anybody can die; anybody falls sick can also get well.

“Therefore, all those who peddle those evil, mischievous, malicious and malevolent rumours on social media need to have a rethink. Instead of all those evil wishes they should have goodwill towards the president,’’ he added.