The country will soon be out of current economic crisis —Nigeria’s VP

The country will soon be out of current economic crisis —Nigeria’s VP


Nigeria’s VP Yemi Osinbajo has declared that Nigeria is on its way out of wilderness, saying President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration will take the country across the Red Sea into the promised land.
He spoke on Sunday at the interdenominational service to mark the 56th Independence Anniversary of the country, held at the National Christian Centre, Abuja.
Osinbajo noted that the promise of God was that “He is building a new Nigeria where there would be peace from North-East to the Niger Delta, a Nigeria where there will be jobs for the unemployed,” adding that “we are on our way out of the wilderness.”
He appealed to Nigerians not to be dismayed by the present economic situation, saying “we should not be like the children of Israel, after encountering some problems on their way to the promised land, became grumblers.”
President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Reverend Samson Ayokunle, called on the Buhari-led administration to promote politics of love and not of vendetta and should, while shaming those that helped themselves to the nation’s wealth, also celebrate those who were not corrupt.
Ayokunle, in his message, blamed past leaders, both military and civilian, for the nation’s current economic quagmire, saying they failed to save for the rainy days.
He said it was unfortunate that Nigeria, with all its enormous human and material resources, was in dire straits of financial crisis because of corruption and mismanagement of resources.