Don’t Be A #StrandedBae, Go Out With A Vex Money

Don’t Be A #StrandedBae, Go Out With A Vex Money


Vex MoneyAccording to urban dictionary Vex money is a term for the extra bit of money a woman will carry with her on a date. The amount usually covers cab fare or the bus ride home, just in case the “cheap mofo” wont pay for her ride.

A vex money is a money a girl most especially should have when going out on a date because the guy might get vexed especially when he senses you don’t have a vex money on you, and you end up OYO or you become the stranded bae that begs for transport fare from passers-by.

According to a friend of mine, she traveled to Germany and met with some Nigerian guy that invited her to dinner, after dinner, the waiter came and and asked how they will pay, lo and behold, the Nigerian guy that has turned to oyinbo said  “GETRENT” which means separately, my friend said her mood changed immediately and she paid for her dinner with her last cash which was her vex money and it was the  last time  she spoke to the guy, claiming it can never happen to her in Nigeria.

My opinion is that no matter where you are going, please put cash in your wallet not necessarily when going out to see a guy in case you mistakenly bumped into someone selling egg and you are asked to pay.

vex money.

I went to a supermarket the other day and saw this very beautiful young lady, she mistakenly broke a bottle of beer from the shelf and was asked to pay, she was looking up and down meaning she doesn’t have money, my question was what is she doing at the supermarket in the first place only to be told she came to snap pictures, a good Samaritan paid for her by the way.

My advice is not to step out of your house if you know you know you don’t have vex money so as not to become a #strandedbae.