When You Don’t Know Your Relationship Status

When You Don’t Know Your Relationship Status


I received a shock of my life yesterday, when a friend of mine accused me of trying to break up with him. Break up ke? Are we even dating?
Then it dawned on me that all those times he came around to hang out with me, drive me to work and back, see movies, play and gist, eat out, were because he assumed I was his geh-vren (in jenifa’s voice)
So I’m in a relationship without knowing I’m in a relationship???

I actually felt for him, though in my transfixed state, Innocent me that was just catching fun.
I relayed the story to a colleague and heard a more shocking one. She had become friends with a fine guy, and thought him her boyfriend. She would close from work and branch to the market, buy food stuffs and go to his house to cook. After eating In the night, Uncle will play rough play, the next morning, she will go to work from there. This continued for three good years, and Uncle didn’t propose. He was just chopping free food, and playing free play.

One day, she took a step of faith to ask him when he was coming to see her parents. Guess what???.

Uncle said; “Parents ke? Boluwatife, you’re just like a younger sister to me o. I never saw you in that light. Actually, I’m engaged.”

She broke down in tears, but later she had to come to terms with the sting of reality. Uncle didn’t “Toast” her. They only met at the bank, and from there, their “friendship” blossomed!

Sister ke! Who does that to his sister???

There’s nothing as dangerous and annoying as an UNDEFINED relationship. You get to feel foolish in the end. Never ever you assume you’re dating a person. Find out by yourself!
Some ladiesĀ  ordinary “Hello Baby” inside inbox Na wahala especially if the person is a crush, it is finished! They collect all information about the person and travel immediately to see the person/ Crush. When they are eventually Crushed, they now come out on social medial corrupting the image of Feminism.

Bottom line: If you’re currently assuming you’re in a relationship, it is time to ask “How Far?”. Find out what exactly is going on between both of you, especially if its running into years.